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Mongolia Tour Packages

Top Amazing Things To Do And See In Mongolia

Travelling to Mongolia has been high in the preference list of many of tourist’s because of its less population and amazing and beautiful landscapes. There are many options has been made by the Mongolian government and agencies that make possible to travel in this nation. This include the famous Trans-Siberian rail tours, Mongolian Rally, Horse Riding trips, camel riding, countryside Naadam games, stargazing in Gobi desert and many more. Our best Mongolia tour package would surely let you lie in some of the most unique experiences of this world.
Mongolia tour packages
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Some Famous Places to see in Mongolia

Naadam games at Khatgal – This is one of the famous and full of crowd festival where the people in traditional dress watch the competitors take part in three main sports of Archery, wrestling and horse racing.

Camel Riding at Khongoryn Els – This place consist largest sand dunes in Mongolia that is 180 kms long and is the great place to learn about these fascinating animals and ride a ship of desert in their natural habitat.

Stargazing in Gobi desert – To visit in this place will be the ultimate experience of peace and harmony in this beautiful place.

Tsaatan Darhad Valley – Darhad valley lies in the northwestern corner of Mongolia where one can enjoy the spectacular view of crystal clear lakes, forests, rivers, lush green meadows and many more.

Khentii Aimeg “Climbing Altan Ulgii, “ – This next highest mountain in the Khentii Aimeg offer hikers unforgettable walks through large forests of pine and cedar and mountains and gives an amazing lifetime experience of travelling.
Best Mongolia tour packages
Culture and traditions of Mongolian People:

Mongolian traditional arts are paintings, folk music, dances and music that are influenced by their government and the people and are performed to expel the spirits. This traditional music involves a wide range of instruments and singing styles. If we talk about their official language, their language is the member of Ural-Atlantic family of languages that includes Finnish, Kazak, Uzbek, Turkish and Korean. The Mongolian people love to eat breakfast and lunch which consist of boiled mutton with lots of fat and flour, and sometimes rice. 
Mongolia tour
Old Mongolian advices - “Carry on breakfast for yourself, distribute lunch with your friend and provide dinner to your enemy”.  This is a land where society, history and scenery are inextricably tangled, where traveling herders still wander the vast plain as they have since the time of Genghis Khan where the hospitality of its people is as boundless as its terrain.